our goal is to help studio owners like you get the competition hip hop routines you want while also making more revenue, working less AND attracting more students.

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Unlock the Power of Your Dance Studio
Hip Hop Routines

Fresh · Impactful · High Quality

The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.

At                                                          our goal is to help studio owners like you get the competition hip hop routines you want while also making more revenue, working less AND attracting more students.

Are You Ready?

Unlock the Power of Your Dance Studio 
Hip Hop Routines

Fresh · Impactful · High Quality

The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.

custom choreography

The Ultimate Choreography Package

Music design

Costume & Styling Direction

Performance Coaching & prep

Music is the foundation of every successful routine, We carefully select, edit and design a fresh soundtrack that is age-appropriate and a perfect personality match for your dancers.  

By reviewing the official rules and judges' scoring rubric for each competition, we use a strategic approach to creating choreography that will present the highest potential to score well, 

Targeted rule book strategy

Magic happens when music, choreo, performance and costume all come together perfectly.  We provide top-to- bottom costume, styling, and makeup advice that matches the character of the routine.  

Your dancers are entertainers and performance quality is a large percentage of their score. When working with your dancers, we emphasize performance skills, helping them to prepare to 'wow' the judges and audience.


unleash the power of your dancers!

(8) Choreography & Cleaning sessions

reduced rates on private lessons

private whats app support group

After the choreography is taught, private lessons will be available at a discounted rate of 25% off, for $75 per hour, for all dancers in our routines. (Normally $100).

We create custom, fresh and impactful hip hop choreography that showcases your dancers unique personalities and performance levels.  We also provide them with challenges that encourage them to grow and remain enthusiastic throughout the season.

For each routine, we provide
(8) 60-90 minute choreography sessions where we teach the routine, stage it and clean it up for precision. We also take care to emphasize building team spirit. 

We lend support through the entire season because we care about their progress. For each routine, we offer a private Whats App group to share training videos, provide coaching and encouragement.

We can't wait to meet your competition dancers! We conduct dancer introductions and classroom observations to carefully assess their dance skills and performance capabilities --before we create any choreography. 

student observations

We make a sincere effort to get to know you in person to discuss your choreography needs and understand your vision. 

in-studio meet & Greet

For the price of one, you get three expert industry competition veterans with a lifetime of experience building strong dance teams. With three professional eyes on your dancers, we vastly expedite the process of getting them ready for competition season, while also cultivating a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Triple Threat sister Team

Here's what is included:

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But that's not all...

 limited time 
New Season, New you Special!

But that's not all...


take me to my FREE bonuses worth $2250+!

4 limited time bonuses worth over $2250

 that's 18+ additional coaching hours and  $2250+ worth of bonuses for FREE!

Pull out your calculator...

$270+ Value

After the first competition, we will provide a detailed review of each performance, including listening to the judges' critiques. If needed we will provide pointers to adjust and fine-tune each routine for even greater success at the next competition!

Post COmpetition review boost

$350+ Value

Receive (1) in-person Competition Day Coaching for each of your routines. We will be there to help your dancers get into the right physical and mental states at competition and cheer them on every step of the way! 

Competition Day Coaching

$1,000+ Value

*competition must be within 35 miles of San Fernando Valley or travel expenses apply. 

All routines will receive (1) complimentary 60-90 minute coaching session prior to competition! (for up to 3 competitions)


$600+ Value

Receive (1) Free Master Class for your competition students. Charge what you’d like--we do the work, you make the $$$!!!

Pure Profit Complimentary
Master Class

New Season, New You Special

available through October

Limited Availability

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That's a whooping 18+ hours of Free additional coaching
worth over $2250+ in value!

Fresh, Custom Choreography
Triple Threat Team (3 for the price of 1)
(8) Choreography & Cleaning Sessions
Targeted Rule Book Strategy
25% Reduced Rates on Private Lessons
Music Design

Remember, for these incredible rates
you are getting:

discounted to $1950 --We love trios! --


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Costume & Styling Direction
Performance Coaching & Prep
In Studio Meet & Greet
Student Observations
Private Whats App Support Group
New Season, New You Bonuses (below)


(1) Free Pure Profit Masterclass for all your competition students
And for Each Routine: 
(1) Free Final Prep Week Performance Coaching Session for up
(1) Complimentary Competition Day Coaching 
(1) Post Competition Review Boost 

$270 value

$250 value

$1,200 value

$600 value

discounted to $1950 --We love trios!

$350 per dancer



$400 per dancer

$350 per dancer

per dancer

 per dancer

per dancer


LG. Group

Sm. Group




Hip Hop and Jazz Funk routines built for competition

New Season, New You Bonuses

Ultimate Choreography Package +

So how much does it cost?

to 3 competitions 

3 routines minimum per studio

You've got questions? We've got


is this package really for me?

Do you want to...?

Boost Profits > Attract More Students > Increase Student Retention Rates > Reduce Workload and Stress?

Specifically, this this package is for you if...
  • your hip hop routines are getting less attention than your other routines.
  • you are looking to find reliable and attentive hip hop choreographers who won't disappear after teaching the routine.
  • you find it a challenge to provide enough hip hop solos, duos and trios for all the dancers in your studio who want them.
  • you are doing so much of the competition preparation yourself, that you have little time to focus on growing your studio.

We don’t know The Ford Sisters. Why should we take a chance on you?

Every relationship has to start somewhere! Our family owned a competition studio when we were growing up. We have years of experience competing, teaching, choreographing and leading competition teams.

Our choreography has won industry awards at Monsters of Hip Hop and Industry Dance Awards. We've designed a choreography package to provide exactly what dance studio owners are looking for--more profits, more students and happy dance families. We understand the qualities that make a great competition routine!

What are the steps involved in booking the ultimate choreography package?

Our process is simple! HERE'S HOW IT ROLLS:
  1. Studio Owner Meet and Greet where we discuss all your choreography needs.
  2. Dancer Introductions & Observations.
  3. Book us with a fully returnable $1500 deposit on Choreography Services.  (more details provided Question: What are the Requirement for Booking?)
  4. Schedule your Pure Profit Complimentary Master Class-- We work, you make money!
  5. Set up your (8) Choreography, Cleaning and Performance Prep Sessions where we don’t just teach the choreography, we get your dancers competition ready!
  6. Apply the rest of your Bonuses!
  • (1) Complimentary, in-person Competition Day Coaching at a local competition*
  • (1) Complimentary, 60-90 minute Above and Beyond Performance Coaching session prior to 3 Competitions
  • Free Post Competition Review Boost after your first competition to go over a detailed evaluation of the routine, as well as the judges critiques.

what are the requirements for booking your services?

Booking us is simple.
  • We require a 3 routine minimum per studio.  Solos, Duos, Trios and Groups all apply. 
  • A $1500 deposit is due upon booking, and is 100% returnable after full payment for all choreography is received. 
  • 50% of Choreography Fees are due at the first Choreography Session.  Final payment is due before the 8th Choreography Session. 


Even if you already have a hip hop choreographer that you love and use, they may not have the capacity to provide all the routines for everyone who wants them. Let us create those extra routines for you! We work beautifully with other dance teachers and our fresh choreography adds variety to you repertoire.

Plus, it is never too late in the season to add those extra solos, duos or trios! That's more money for you and more happiness for them. 

The price seems high, i'm afraid my dance families won’t pay this much.

We've done the research and interviewed dozens of choreographers. Our Ultimate Choreography Package plus free Bonuses, delivers comparable pricing for exceptional value! With this package, dancers are receiving custom tailored choreography and support through the entire season. Your dancers receive over 18+ hours of additional private coaching, cleaning, review and performance prep per routine!

, studio owners can up-charge what they like to their customers and make pure profit off our services. Win win!

How much effort will be required on my part if I hire The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.?

Working with us is super easy! You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like! Our top-down level of service includes everything from creating choreography and cleaning to performance prep and on-site competition coaching.

With three experienced choreographers, we expedite the process of getting your dancers ready for competition season. We take care of everything with minimal time and effort required on your part, while also increasing your bottom line. 

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The Bombastic Benefits of Working with The Ford Sisters

The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.

Quality Guarantee

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Meet your choreographers

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The bombastic benefits of
working with the ford sisters:

We know it can also be a challenge to provide enough solos, duos and trios to every dancer who wants them.

This is where we can help! Even if you have a choreographer you already love and use, we can provide those extra routines and get them competition ready without you having to lift a finger!

We know finding the right hip hop choreographer is a challenge..

That’s why unlike many other choreographers, we don’t leave you hanging after teaching the choreography. We stick with your dancers through the season by providing free performance prep before 3 competitions, on-site coaching at a minimum of one competition, and unlimited opportunities for private coaching.

We know hip hop routines often place lower at competitions, but this does not have to be true for you.

At                                            we assess each dancer's abilities to ensure the choreography is tailored to their skill level. We review the scoring rubric and create fresh choreography that maximizes score potential with the goal to always create routines where music, choreography, costumes, and students all fit seamlessly together.

The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.

Plus! Affordable pricing with unbeatable value!

We Got You!

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A free bonus package worth $2,250+ that will help you increase your revenue and minimize your workload.

Confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are working with a sister-trio of professionals who are committed to delivering happy dancers and routines that will perform well at competition.

Fresh, high-quality hip hop routines that will attract new students and retain current dance families.

A team of three experienced choreographers for the price of one, providing triple the attention and value.

In our work life, we happily operate out of sunny Los Angeles, California in the world of professional commercial dance. Choreographing and performing in the entertainment industry is our passion, where we dance live on stage, on TV and in film. Our roots trace back to Hawaii and the mid-west, so we always bring our spirit of Ohana and mid-west hospitality to every project we take on.

Our family owned a competition studio when we were growing up, so we have been competing our whole lives. We have also been team captains, teachers, choreographers and we know how to build a team. We understand everything that goes into creating a great competition routine as well as what dance studio owners are looking for.

When it comes to creating choreography, we specialize in hip hop and jazz funk. We choreograph everything from solos to group routines, but as a trio of sisters ourselves, WE EXCEL at creating trios for competition!

It’s taken a lifetime of dance classes, conventions, competitions and professional work to fuel our choreography business into a passion. You are a business too, and your profitability is important to us!

see our choreo in action here!

Aloha! We’re The Ford Sisters- Brii, KK, & Christa Malia

Meet Your Choreographers

Quality Guarantee

We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients and ensuring that we deliver on our promises. If, by chance, we fail to deliver choreography that meets your expectations, we will continue working with you until you are completely satisfied.

In the unlikely event we do not deliver the choreography as promised, we offer a quality guarantee that entitles you to a full refund on your choreography fees if requested before the completion of the choreography. There are no refunds on completed choreography. 

The Ford Sisters Choreo Co.

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