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About Us

The Ford Sisters – Kaley, Brianna, Christa
About Us

Aloha! We are the Ford Sisters a.k.a Brianna, Kaley and Christa Ford, and no-we aren’t triplets (though that would be extremely cool).

Our family is a mix of Hawaiian, Asian and European ancestry.  We identify most with the Hawaiian culture as you may be able to tell by its influence on our website.  Ohana (family) and Aloha (love) is our approach to everything we do, whether we are dancing, singing, acting or just hanging out with friends.

As dancers, we have trained and performed all over North America for most of our lives. Now we live and work in Los Angeles and we are fortunate enough to work with some of the best choreographers in the world. We also act, sing and choreograph, and we continue to train in those areas everyday.

Sharing what we have learned and creating with the spirit of Aloha is our purpose and passion. Our message is:

In honor of fierce humans everywhere: Be bold. Know your worth. Empower others. Be a light. And always remember…laughter is the best medicine.” ~The Ford Sisters

Thank you for visiting!